Pic Collage

Pic Collage

With Pic Collage, a poster becomes more than just a 'poster' and best of all it's free! It has to be one of my favourite apps!  I have used this app with students from Kindergarten to Grade 6.

Successful ways, in which I have used Pic Collage in the classroom:
  1. I have used with students in Grade 4 to create the front cover of a book.  We read a short story, without seeing the cover (covered with brown paper). Afterward, the students designed their version based on what they had read
  2. Visual introductions, with Kindergarten; we used Pic Collage to introduce ourselves at the start of the academic year
  3. For those who are still developing writing and typing skills - students can recall their memorable moments in a Pic Collage
  4. Grades 3-6 enjoyed creating festive cards.  Students were able to send a digital card across the world in minutes! Far quicker than the Christmas Postal Service
  5. Kindergarten  to Grade 6 can use Pic Collage to create varying levels of a storyboard

If you are using Pic Collage, tweet me your suggestions! 

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