Tweet all about it!

The power of Twitter!?  When I joined Twitter, I had no idea what this was, nor did I ever imagine the impact it would have on teaching and learning!

I heard about it and was curious to find out more.  After joining and starting Twitter life, as an egg (for several weeks) and following the lives of the rich and famous, the novelty soon wore off, and I gave up!

It wasn't until my first international teaching post as a class teacher and ICT lead that I returned to, where I was still an egg.  The egg had to go, so I quickly changed the image, but still, I was not using Twitter to anywhere near its full capacity!

Enter, @VisibleLearning conference and #jascd25!  @MrTowse is reborn!

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Ms. Sandra - Elementary School Principal
Mr Hughes - PYP Coordinator
Ms. Naini - Grade 6B Homeroom Teacher
Mr O'Shea - Grade 6A Homeroom Teacher
Mr James Hatch - High School Principal
Elementary School Media Centre Tweets 

As with many teachers, we here at Seisen are now starting to realize the benefits of using Twitter (Ms. Sandra is leading the way!) Teachers are building a professional learning network.

Mr Hughes was particularly impressed with his retweet from @globalsolo, sharing some fantastic ideas and good practice, connecting with other practitioners and colleagues as well as using it as professional career development.

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