An Epic decision!

The Netflix of books!

...and the best part, Epic is free for teachers!

Epic is an online reading library, with a wealth of fiction and non-fiction texts.  The app allows teachers to add their students and track their reading progress.  Students can earn medals for their reading success and progress through the levels.  A feature of Epic that I particularly like is the 'read to me' option; this allows children to 'sit back and relax' while enjoying a quality text.

The range of books available is Epic! (Sorry, I couldn't resist)  What are you waiting for, try Epic today!

The process to sign up is simple:
  • log in and explore what Epic has to offer!
I would love to see how this app is being used in homerooms.

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Chinese New Year Questions

Why do people give PoPo oranges at Chinese New Year?

You will find the answers in stories, available on Epic!

  1. Why do we see dragons a lot during Chinese New Year Celebrations?
  2. What is the reason many people go to the temple during New Year?
  3. What is the name of the sweet sticky cake eaten during Chinese New Year?
  4. At New Year, many children are given a red envelope.  What does it contain? And Why?
  5. Why is Chinese New Year not celebrated on 1st January?
  6. What is the significance of orange and red clothing?
  7. Why did people take baths with mint leaves?
  8. What do Fish and the word 'Plenty' have in common?
  9. In what ways do children show respect to their elders during Chinese New Year?

Thank you to Grade 2 & 3 for their questions!

  • Celebrate Chinese New Year with Epic.  New books added.
  • Find hidden clues and solve mysteries with newly added mystery books
  • Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. learn about his legacy as well as The Civil Rights Movement and social justice.

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