Google in the Classroom

Google in the Classroom
Ahead of becoming a Google Certified Educator, I would like to share some of the google apps for education (GAFE) I have used, and how you might use them in your classroom.

I am passionate about ICT and Technology in classrooms, but only when it is used with a clear purpose and is not just a gimmick.  Technology must have an impact and must make a difference to the teaching and learning process.

The results must be visible!

Google in the Classroom

  • Start your lessons with a movie trailer, a music video or a pre-recorded introduction! 
  • Something visual and engaging - hook students from the outset of the lesson! 
  • Create playlists - students record a video clip to demonstrate their learning, this is then added to a playlist for other to view and make comments (in line with school policy) or integrated as a comment on Google Classroom. 
  • Record a class lesson and use it as part of a summative or formative assessment. Flipped Classroom!
  • Post lesson resources and follow up with homework tasks 
  • Use as a communication tool to keep parents informed of what's happening in the classroom 
  • Reflect on own practices and share ideas with other educators (for me this is the best form of professional development!) 

Have a read of this article by Hanna Shekhter - Why Teachers and Students Should Blog.

Google Classroom

  • Students can communicate with staff and peers and with the added feature of instant chat, Gmail becomes more than email
  • Students can submit assignments
  • Students can connect their learning tools
  • Staff members are able to use Gmail & Google Groups to hold virtual discussions
  • Staff members can collect student date and produce graphs and distribute class surveys

Google Docs
  • Collaborative Writing with Docs - with comment and share features, students can receive and give immediate feedback to documents as well as reply to comments and edit their work
  • Collaborative mind-map with Drawing - with this features students can contribute as a group to mind-maps! Gone are the days of fighting for the pen and space to write!
  • Google Forms - this has to be one of the best tools I have used in recent times as a practitioner.  With Google Forms, I have created an app review and book review for staff and students to share good practice.  For students, it can be used to create their very own quiz or contribute in a survey!
I am looking for Google Certified Educators to leave guest posts.  If you are interested, I look forward to hearing from you.  

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