House Day

20th October

The weather did not disappoint and we were set for what is Seisen International School's Second Annual K-12 House Day. A massive well-done and our appreciation must go to The House Captains, they did a wonderful job of organising activities at school and outdoor events at Kinuta Park for their teams.

With 48 teams, the task was huge! Keeping an entire school organised and on task, without breaking a sweat they kept students and staff entertained!

We spent half the day at school competing in activities to earn house points for our respective team (Go Ontake!) We were given the task of designing house mascots! We also played Charades and Pictionary. In the gym, there were competitive races, only here would we see staff racing around on mini skateboards.

Over at Kinuta Park, teams worked together to get to know each other and use our individual strengths effectively. The park events closed with K-12 three-legged races and a staff race for good measure.

The day drew to a close with a 'Seisen Records' event, where each house was given 30 minutes to make as many coloured paper cranes as possible.

16th October

Rain Stops Play!

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