Learning through ICT Coffee Morning

Throughout the year, the elementary school hosts a variety of PYP Coffee Morning's. This past Wednesday, ICT was asked to present.  This gave us the opportunity to demonstrate to parents how we are using technology to support student inquiry and enhance standards.

This year, we have moved to blogs as a method of communication, and today we officially launched the comment feature to our parents.  Be sure to visit our blogs and give our students an audience! The introduction of blogs has revolutionized the way in which we communicate with parents. Now, we are able to engage with a world-wide audience.

The morning included a demo from Mr Hughes on how we are using Mathletics, giving parents the chance to explore this fantastic learning tool through the eyes of their daughters. Ms Lea proudly talked about the rebranding of the ES Media Centre, while Ms Carnright shared her blog.

Thank you to all in attendance! It was a great atmosphere with fantastic collaboration between staff and parents.

Mr Hughes and Ms Sandra will host the next PYP Coffee Morning on Thursday, February 11th, where they will be talking about assessment and the IOWA standardized measures of achievment. To confirm your place, click here.

If you are interested in learning more, there is the opportunity during the 3-Way Learning Conferences this coming Monday, November 23rd.

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