The Power of Twitter

Twitter in the Classroom
While some school admin team's ask that social media not be used by teachers, others are a little more open-minded (#PYPChat)  Here at Seisen, we have been given the 'green' light to adopt and welcome social media given that it is able to impact on learning standards in the classroom. Personally, I advocate the use of Twitter in the classroom. In fact, when leading training sessions, there is a live hashtag conversation available.

As we know, social media is not without its flaws and yes, there is often content that is not age-appropriate. However, we must accept this and be understanding that Twitter and its counterparts allow schools and staff members to share fantastic ideas/theories and blogs!

Using Twitter to Make an Impact!
Social media feeds have been very active recently with the tragic news coming out of Paris.  In light of this, if you are looking for resources for support and to offer guidance, +Tara Carnright  latest blog post is a must-read!

Monday's morning prayer was a little different this week as a result of the Paris attacks.  Mrs. Rogers, Head of School, led us in a moment of silence.  Seisen's guiding principals were in mind, and it gave us all time to reflect and reaffirm our own beliefs.

This week I have been working with grades 3 to 6. During this time, we've shared experiences of internet use and reflected on practice. The girls utilised role-play and drama to showcase their understanding of unexpected behaviour whilst online and how to cope with these instances.

Breaking News! 18th November 2015 - 3:10 pm

With a little over five minutes of the school day remaining,  my Twitter feed is wild.

I decided to work with Grade 5A in a way different to other #esafety sessions'.

I used the words of Mrs. Rogers and the guiding principles that Seisen International School is built on:
  • Shape international mindedness and celebrate international diversity
  • Reach out to the world with hospitality and hope.
  • Act as leaven for worldwide community building
  • Share all that we are and have
With a couple of whiteboards and a lot of enthusiasm, +Christine Richardson 5A students sent a message to reach out to the world, help shape international mindedness, act as a leaven for others and share all that we have!
Tweet all about it! 
There is a real 'twitter buzz' around the elementary school at the moment.  Over lunch today, it was great to hear that Ms. Brittany has signed up to Twitter, thus bringing the world of twitter into the gym and taking our PE classes outside the walls of Seisen.

Update: 5th March

Part II is a far cry from my initial taste of Twitter!

I would love to hear how you are using Twitter and other forms of social media to make an impact! Leave your comments below.

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