Using QR Codes to Create Portfolio Pages

Report Card Season is well underway and with it comes the need to evidence student learning.

During our last elementary school staff meeting, a question from our music department got me thinking....hence this blog post!

"How do we evidence student learning when a physical printed piece of work is not produced?"

"Students have produced a fantastic piece of work, but it is an MP4 and we cannot put this into a portfolio."

FEAR NOT...Enter Google Drawing and QR Codes...

Steps to Success

  • First, open a new Google Drawing Document. If you have created a template format for portfolio use, great.  If not then, click here for an example - feel free to save a copy and use it!
  • QR Codes (Quick Response) are a mobile phone readable barcode that can store website URL's. Here at Seisen International School we use GAFE (Google Apps for Education) so all that we store on The Drive is given a link (URL).  
  • Ensure you have saved the file you wish for parents, students and colleagues to marvel in the magic at in Google Drive.  Create a shareable link and decide your privacy setting - it might be best if anyone with the link is able to view the file.
  • Copy the URL, visit paste it into the generator and the QR is created!
  • Download and save the QR Code.  
  • Click here to download Mr Towse's steps to success guide!
If you use this or any of the ideas in this blog, I would love to hear from you.  Let me know through email, Twitter or leave a comment below!

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