Chatterpix with Kindergarten

This blog post is the subject of a #techwithtowse weekly blog challenge. This week, the challenge is to write a blog post using no more than 140 words and include images with captions and a movie.

The focus over the last few weeks with kindergarten has been speaking and listening. I wanted to use their current unit to explore ChatterPix Kids, and the results have been fantastic! This app involves a picture and a line to act as a mouth and then audio for up to 30 seconds. ChatterPix is an easier app to use and a great alternative to some the more complex apps such as Morfo and Funny Movie Maker.

Learn your ABCs with Primrose Kindergarten.

Bluebell Kindergarten love to share their Christmas song.  Sing along with them.

How are you using Chatterpix?  I would love to see your ideas.  Tweet me yours @MrTowse

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