Global Citizen - How Internationally Minded Are You?

I have been somewhat delaying the publishing of this blog post for a couple of weeks now. I've been using the time to reflect on my personal and professional approach to being internationally minded. What does internationally minded LOOK like?

Using Word Foto App to transform our School Logo!

Thanks to Ms. Debbie Tai and Ms. Natalie Kunst (our IB PYP workshop leaders) as well as my fellow teachers and friends, I enjoyed two great days of professional development.

The vibe in the room was electric! It was a fantastic opportunity to really examine my own practice as well as connect with my fellow colleagues on a deeper level.

In groups, we analysed our current practices (as a school and department as well as the individual thoughts). We were given time to work in grade level teams to plan learning engagements to support the development of International-Mindedness within units of inquiry and, being the ICT integrator, it got me thinking!

What resources and strategies do I use in teaching and learning, and then convey to homeroom teachers?

Grade One students have been exploring how celebration and tradition are expressed.  I am privileged and proud to be a part of such a fantastic unit and true example of being internationally minded.  Check out our Padlet; we would love to hear from you!

Another thing I was able to think long and hard about was the power of a name!  Take a couple of minutes out of your day and think about your name.
  • What does it mean? 
  • Where does it originate from? 
  • What does your name really mean to you?

Finally, I am currently looking at ways to use this trailer in the classroom. If you have used this or something similar - I would love to hear from you!  As always, leave a comment or Tweet Me!

~Mr Towse

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