Digital Storytelling Part I

Part 1

Welcome to part one of a series of digital storytelling blog posts.  I aim to share with you different ways you can get students to extend their creative minds using some apps to create digital stories.

A scene with props and characters....ready to record!
Sock Puppets allows you create your very own #lipsync video and showcase them on YouTube. If you are a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) school, then you are already familiar with uploading student work to YouTube and using this platform to showcase.

With puppets, props, scenery and a background;  creating a 30-second digital story has never been easier.  With a differing choice of socks (characters), 11 unique backgrounds, and 16 props (look out for the red and yellow props) students are:

  1. able to retell the same story in so many different permutations
  2. create unique stories effortlessly.

Getting Started:
Once you have selected your character, props, and scenery, you are ready to hit the record button, and the puppets will do the rest.  Sock Puppets means students can work together, use multiple puppets and create hilarious dialogue.

Currently, I am working with grade 3 during their performing arts unit of inquiry, and we have been using technology as a tool for learning to tell Knock-Knock Jokes using Sock Puppets.  Students decided that telling jokes in front of an audience is a performing art, with this students devised a script using Google Docs while using an iPad to tell jokes before using YouTube to give students an audience to their learning.

  • Planning for a digital story is a key to success 
    • What are your students trying to achieve by using this app?
    • What message do your students want to convey using this app? 
    • How are students going to get there?
Have a go at...
  • Creating a story where students introduce themselves.  Great as a start of the year activity.  
  • Curriculum / UOI focus - such as introducing a key concept, central idea or explaining something in art, music or PE.
  • Explain a classroom essential agreement or daily routine.
  • Tell a story about a notable part of your life.
  • Animate / Retell a poem.

Look out for Part 2 coming later this month...

I would love to see how you are using this app in your school.  Leave a comment and as always Tweet Me your ideas!

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