The Power of a Chromebook

After a successful pilot scheme in grade three, Chromebooks can now be found in grades four and five here at Seisen International School.

More and more classrooms I visit seem to be opting for a Google ChromeBook instead of the iPad!  I have found these three 'game changers' the main reasons for this change:
  1. Price
  2. Collaboration
  3. Management of Device, Apps & Extensions
The Google Chromebook is among the top three best-selling laptops (at the time of writing this post), and I can certainly see why this is the case.  I, now, use a Chromebook for school purposes. It's fully-functional in less than 10 seconds and contains a battery life of up to eight hours. It should certainly be your number one choice when considering your next computer purchase!

Transform Your Teaching with Chromebooks?

Here at Seisen International School we use ICT as a tool for teaching and learning.  Students use technology to collaborate, communicate, create, organize and investigate during a Unit of Inquiry. Having access to a ChromeBook has transformed the T&L process in homerooms and has meant that the Media Centre MacBooks are now being used to create a Garageband and iMovie projects instead of just accessing Google Drive.  Units last six weeks and during this time students and staff use ICT tools when they are 'Getting Started,' 'Investigating,' 'Making Connections' and 'Going Further'.

I am not saying technology, directly, changes the way in which I or other staff members teach, but the feedback is positive and the message is clear: technology can certainly make a difference when used effectively and with a purpose.  We now have access to information like never before.  With around 40000 search queries per second, the ease of collaboration is only getting better and the ability to create professional standard pieces for comes at very little cost. What does this mean? That instruction is no longer limited to standing in front of a class and writing on a board.

Why should I have devices in my classroom?


At a sticker price beginning at $177 dollars, they are a very cost effective way of getting devices into the hands of students. You are able to get five of these compared to the cost of ONE MacBook!

Collaboration & Feedback

Students are able to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations, and share it with their peers, teachers and parents with the click of a button. As previously mentioned, the ease of collaboration is only getting better, as Google Apps for Education allows real-time feedback. I use tools like Google Forms to spark the interest of students from the outset and use a form for real time assessment. Finally, each student now has an equal voice, because Chromebooks allow for digital dialogues.

Management of Device, Apps & Extensions

Chrome OS allows IT networks managers to push and quickly deploy apps and extensions to the whole elementary school without the need to wait two weeks.

I am very excited about deploying Chromebooks into our Elementary School and I am looking forward to ways we can integrate technology as a tool to support and enhance teaching and learning.

Free training from Google: Chromebooks

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