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The Night Zookeeper Needs You!

Unless you have been living in a bubble during the last month, then you will be fully aware of the Night Zookeeper's Global Writing Challenge.  If, however, you have been in a "Zoo Free Zone" then you have missed out one of the biggest global education events of the year!   Schools across the world competed to write as many words as possible in 21 days of competition. 

Working with schools in Japan as the official ambassador I was privileged to read some outstanding pieces of writing, most of them having been written outside of school.  The response from the schools in Japan was amazing, and the atmosphere a little closer to home here at Seisen was unbelievable.  It was the talk of the school.  Our girls arrived at the media centre at 8 am each day to spend 15 minutes typing before the morning bell.  They even spent recess inside the media centre typing before completing their homework using the Magical World of the Night Zoo!

Participant Certificate

With an initial word target of two million being crushed inside the first week of competition, the final word count reached 7 Million!! 7 Million...

What does that even look like? 

Question: How many words in total make up the 'The Harry Potter Series' (all seven books combined)?

Answer: A little over 1 million.  

So you would need 7 sets of the series! That's 49 Harry Potter Books....
Official Teacher
I would like to dedicate this blog post to Grade 1A here at Seisen, who went on to win their year group mini-league. Well done to 1A, Seisen Elementary School and all the competing schools from Japan!

If you missed my story share, check it out below.  Thank you to Logan at Mooreside Primary School in Manchester, England for the opportunity to share the story, 'Through the Keyhole.'

Story Share: Through The Keyhole from Night Zookeeper on Vimeo.
I would love to hear your success stories! Share them with a global audience and leave a comment below.

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