Let's get Spherical

Elementary school students' thoroughly enjoyed their annual sports day, and we were able to capture the spirit of the day in this 360 degrees still image below.

Have a look at each grade level blog for a more detailed review of the day! Grade level blogs are on the left this blog or via Seisen's Elementary School Blog.
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Recently, I have been analysing and evaluating the potential of virtual reality and 360-degree cameras and looking at ways they might be used in classrooms to help enhance teaching and learning.  Is virtual reality the future of education? And will we all be soon walking around school with cardboard attached to our faces?  We must consider the possibility that this is another passing craze in technology and we must take into account that this might all be over before Christmas!!

The Highs and Lows

The potential of 360

Virtual Field Trips and School Events: Bring the Outside Inside

Previously, I have blogged about using virtual reality to bring the outside inside, and I believe it may be the more obvious of examples, but I would say it is because it is probably the most powerful way of enhancing and extending teaching and learning. We must ask ourselves will virtual reality allow for a more student-centered learning environment. On your next field trip take a 360-degree camera with you and submerse your students, their parents and the wider school community in your experience!  This blog post started with a 360-degree image of our sports day and is an example of how you might use this technology to bring a more empowering learning experience to your school trips and events.  

The power of 360.....Watch this Space!!

As always leave me a comment, tweet me or email me the ways your using technology as a support to support and enhance teaching and learning!

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