Show Me Your Bitmoji Face

For anyone who knows me, you will know how much I love using emojis! Moreover, how my 'Face' is everywhere in school.

So, for anyone with an iPhone, the emoji keyboard is a must - if you are not using it, why not? I have installed it on all of our school iPads, and I suggest you do the same. This blog post is as a result of a recent unit of inquiry with grade two. During a planning meeting, we found ourselves listening to and deciphering Katy Perry's Music Video, "Roar."

Katy Perry meets Emojis meets Grade Two:

Although Apple has just released a new IOS update with it a feature in iMessage which turns certain words into emojis, LINE (here in Japan) has had this feature for some time. A recent integration session inspires the reference to LINE with Mr. E, one of our grade two teachers. He was using LINE emojis in his classroom :)

How could I use this with students and staff in the classroom? 

School Counselor / PHSCE / Circle Time
For students who struggle to communicate feelings, emojis and drawing provide clear visual aids that may help them deliver their emotions more successfully. Our grade two students worked with Ms. Carnright, our school counselor, to understand more about feelings and coping strategies. Check out her latest blog post for a more in-depth look at student learning in this area!

How do we find out how students are feeling?

Can You See What I Saw?

Oyez, Oyez, Oyez: Mr Towse is a Seesaw Ambassador! 
I am excited to finally hit "publish" and share this info with you all!  It has been some time since I first began this post while sitting in a hotel lobby in India.  During the summer vacation, I joined Emily Voigtlander & Angela Gadtke for my official Seesaw Ambassador training.  At Seesaw, it is important that Ambassadors are true experts on Seesaw, as they host an in-depth training webinar to go over expectations, take a deep dive into Seesaw features and answer questions along the way.  I would recommend applying if you are using Seesaw and would like to shout it from the 'roof-top' or Twitter! #Seesawchat

I was reading through the IBOs The Role of ICT in the PYP and this particular paragraph resonated with me....

"It is worthwhile to note that there will be opportunities for student-initiated, spontaneous inquiries into the use of ICT that are not directly related to any planned units of inquiry or single-subject areas. For example, a student contributing to a class blog may want to start his or her own blog as a personal reflection journal. These are valuable teaching and learning opportunities in themselves, and provide teachers and students with the opportunity to apply the pedagogy of the PYP to authentic, of-the-moment situations."

I would like to break this down further...a student contributing to...his or her own blog as a personal reflection journal.  

Perfect.  Enter Seesaw.

Would you Agree?

This year, I am going to continue to use, share and build on the great things already happening with Seesaw both near and far! If you are reading this, currently teaching in Japan and would like to hear more about Seesaw, please contact me.

Sharing is Caring

As an ambassador, I get the Seesaw Plus features for FREE (as well as a fancy badge for my blog)! For regular users, Seesaw is free forever, and Seesaw Plus is $120 a year per teacher. If you'd like Seesaw for your entire school, please contact them for a quote.  

To get yourself an extra month of Seesaw Plus, Scan my QR Code!

Otherwise....there is always this email I have been using with my contacts....

Hi - I’ve been using Seesaw - an awesome, free digital portfolio and parent communication tool.

Sign up today using my link and we’ll both get an extra month of their premium features for free!

Let me know if you need help getting going - I think you'll love it.

Mr Towse

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