Camouflaged Typing

I have been using 'everyone's favourite' Scouse Moose over at BBC's Dance Mat Typing with grades one and two. Grades three through six all have registered accounts to and Typing Club.
It amazes me by the speeds at which young people (and not so young) type on their mobile cell phones, but this does not necessarily transpire into typing. 
As grade one transition into their latest and what is the final unit of the year, I am using ABCYA's World Cloud Typing website to produce word clouds associated with unit vocabulary.

While developing a typing fluency, and maintaining correct positioning students were asked to choose unit vocabulary from the word wall that was new to them either in spelling or meaning.

Here are some examples:

Camouflaged typing. I love it!

I would love to see what how you are using this or any of the other tools outside of school. Be sure to tweet me @MrTowse

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