Seesaw 5.0: It's a Game Changer!

Can You See What I Saw: One Year On!

"Seesaw 5.0 is an absolute game-changer!"

Last year, sat in a hotel lobby in India I was a part of the Summer cohort of Seesaw Ambassadors. One year on and it has gone from strength to strength, and shows minimal signs of stopping. Seesaw and Seesaw 5.0 is an absolute game-changer in education.  Seesaw fails to surprise me; it just keeps getting better and better!

As a Seesaw Ambassador based in Tokyo, Japan, I am available to lead training sessions for individual staff and as school wide PD.  I am excited for the year ahead as my school has committed to rolling out Seesaw for 2017-18.  

I was reading through the IBOs The Role of ICT in the PYP and this particular paragraph resonated with me....

"It is worthwhile to note that there will be opportunities for student-initiated, spontaneous inquiries into the use of ICT that are not directly related to any planned units of inquiry or single-subject areas. For example, a student contributing to a class blog may want to start his or her own blog as a personal reflection journal. These are valuable teaching and learning opportunities in themselves, and provide teachers and students with the opportunity to apply the pedagogy of the PYP to authentic, of-the-moment situations."

I would like to break this down further...

a student contributing to...his or her own blog as a personal reflection journal.

After using Seesaw with students for a little over a year increasingly, I noticed how students shift from the consumer of technology to creators and are empowered when using Seesaw. My mantra is giving students the opportunity to think, create and publish, and Seesaw does it all.

Getting Started

Things to consider:

  • Introducing to Students
    • Get them using it, don't just talk to them about Seesaw- After all, it is a student-driven learning journal.
  • Building Routines
    • Embed it into classroom routines; take a look at what you already have and see how it might enhance current practice
  • Digital Citizenship
    • use this opportunity to talk digital literacy and commenting with Seesaw

Seesaw 5.0

What to expect:
  • Seesaw has just got a make over, and the new look is slick!
    • Customise theme and icon; pick a colour theme and class icon to personalise your class.
  • Simplified class experience;  no more digging to find the tools you need: Journals, Blog, Skills, Inbox and class settings are all on one screen.
  • *Game Changer* Announcements & Messages
    • The ability for teachers to send notifications and messages is brand new in Seesaw 5.0
  • New Family App (Formerly Parent App - FYI it just requires an update!)
    • Feed or Calendar view; Filter by folders; Inbox: This section shows all announcements and private messages from their children’s teachers.

Seesaw Plus

Seesaw Plus is a paid offering with additional tools to support formative assessment and student growth.  With Seesaw Plus you'll have access to a private teacher-only folder, private teacher notes, and skills view. A perk for Seesaw Ambassadors!

To get yourself an extra month of Seesaw Plus, Scan my QR Code!

Otherwise....there is always this email I have been using with my contacts....

Hi - I’ve been using Seesaw - an awesome, free digital portfolio and parent communication tool.

Sign up today using my link, and we’ll both get an extra month of their premium features for free!

For now, I will leave Seesaw 5.0 with you, and I hope this blog post was of use - feel free to share :) 

Looking for individual PD or planning a whole school session, as always Tweet me @MrTowse

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