World Creative Writing Month: It's Back!

What Does Technology Integration Mean for Typing:

Increased Student Writing? Higher Quality Student Writing?

I believe that being able to type is one thing, but being able to type correctly is something else altogether. Daily, I am amazed by the speeds at which young people type on their mobile cell phones, and often a lot quicker than they can write with a pen or a keyboard for that matter, but are they able to do it properly and what skills are they developing along the way. 

Would your class enjoy competing against schools from around the world?

World Creative Writing Month is back, starting Thursday, 1st March 2018. This global creative writing competition will see students from near and far competing to rise to the top of the league table and walk away knowing they gave their best effort, and potentially won some awesome prizes. 

I am so excited to be flying the flag and wearing my "Night Zookeeper" badge here in Tokyo, Japan. 

Night Zookeeper started in the UK before launching in  Fargo USA and Osaka in Japan. Find out more and sign up here at Night Zookeeper.

I was sharing stories with those near and far, and I am looking forward to being a part of the Night Zoo Ambassador team across the world and sharing stories in the Night-Times.

If you are interested in hearing more or help with signing up, I look forward to hearing from you +Mr Towse

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