Digital Citizenship

At Seisen International School, we are committed to protecting our children, both in and out of school. It is important that we educate the children about how to stay safe in all environments, including when they are online using the internet.


E-safety & Cyberbullying
Internet Safety
Professor Garfield App - Garfield and Freinds share information about cyberbullying
ByStander Revolution

The following Google Slide was made in joint collaboration with Ms. Carnright.  The both of us aim to present and lead student workshops with our elementary students twice each semester.

We watched some of the following videos and discussed what it means to be 'safe' online.  We asked what does being 'safe' look like.

Common Sense Media

Parenting, Media, and Everything In Between

We discussed the need to have an agreement in place before we start commenting on other student's work.  Students agreed on a Digital Pledge / Agreement.

E-portfolio, Blog or Flipped Learning Platform (Google Classroom)

Students collaboratively decided and agreed to carefully follow this essential agreement to help keep them safe and comfortable online:
  • Use your first name only on posts/comments
  • Only write positive comments
  • Use polite and courteous language
  • Keep your personal information a secret
  • Write in full sentences 
  • Check your replies before submitting them

For more information or advice, be sure to contact TELL Japan or our school counselor Ms. Carnright.

Other useful agencies:

Think U Know 

Vodafone Parents

Vodafone Digital Parenting

Internet Matters


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