Towse's Typers

I believe that being able to type is one thing, but being able to type properly is something else altogether.  On the train, daily, I am amazed by the speeds at which young people type on their mobile cell phones and often they can type a lot quicker than they can write with a pen but are they able to do it properly and what skills are they developing along the way.  This resource page is for those wishing to improve typing skills at home and school and move towards being able to type properly.

First, choose from one of the Available Resources

Typing.ComDance Mat Typing |  Typing Club

Japanese Typing Practice | Typing Game

spend Ten Minutes Typing

choose a typing lesson to focus on

after the lesson Have a Wrist Rest

maybe try a little coding

before returning to check out your speed and fluency. 

How many words can you type per minute?

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